R. Siedlecki Vintage Books Print

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R. Siedlecki

email: [email protected]

Web access (to review partial inventory):  www.amazon.com/shops/rs-vb

Conduct business: Over the Internet, at select antique malls, by mail order and personal contact. We also buy books.

Specialties: We are a well-established, well-respected, ethical book dealer that offers a wide range of collectible and desirable books, along with vintage ephemera (pamphlets, flyers, historical booklets, touring guides, maps, business promotions, magazines, etc.). We offer publications on history (of towns, cities, states and the early development of our nations and other countries), early biographies and autobiographies, military and war, vintage children's publications, and books for reference and research.  We are especially strong on publications covering Ohio (state, cities, and towns) and Southern states, cities, and towns.