Why Join GABA

     Any bookseller in Georgia should seriously consider joining the Georgia Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (GABA).  GABA is the only professional association exclusively for Georgia booksellers.  Membership in the Association demonstrates that you are a professional bookseller, that you subscribe to a Code of Ethics and that you are known by other dealers throughout the state.  In simple terms, membership in GABA indicates that you know what you are doing and that other professionals in the state know who you are. 

           Membership in GABA also makes you and your business a part of the GABA website which provides you with an on-line listing and opportunities to have your business featured in different ways on the website.  Though we are still in the planning stage, GABA hopes to feature one or two dealers each month as well as allow individual dealers to add essays on themselves, their book interests and other special areas of interest to their website listings.  GABA membership will allow you to link from the GABA website to your own website or to your listings on ABE and other book search services.  

          GABA is also working to provide members with educational opportunities.  GABA has partnered with Kennesaw State University, Robert C. Williams Paper and The Atlanta History Center.  These partnerships will allow members to participate in courses and seminars on all aspects of the world of books, from the history of books to practical help in running a business. 

           Finally, GABA sponsors one major bookfair each year and may become involved with other smaller ones.  As a member of GABA, you will automatically be invited to the Atlanta Book Fair which has between fifty and sixty participating dealers and a projected attendance of two thousand customers.  Most GABA members also receive invitations to participate in book fairs in nearby states.  Finally, GABA members offer reciprocal discounts to each other.  Consequently, a much broader inventory is available to search for a book for a particular customer.  Finally, as a member of GABA, you have access to the knowledge and advice of other dealers.  Many of our members have been involved in the book business for several decades, and their expertise and ideas are a valuable resource. 

           As time passes, GABA hopes to provide many other services and opportunities for members.  Your annual membership fee of $50.00 will provide you with these benefits, assure you of more to come and let your customers know that you belong to the most significant organization of professional booksellers in the state of Georgia.

         For more information about membership or to join, contact a GABA member.